YPA Wins Majority of Seats in LIU Brooklyn’s Student Government Elections


Carlos Jesus


Brooklyn, NY: The Young Progressives of America, a political and activist organization of students based at Long Island University Brooklyn, claimed an important victory for the resistance in the age of Trump. The organization took control of its school’s student government by winning a majority of positions in spring 2017 elections. YPA now holds the LIU Brooklyn Student Government Association’s presidency and chair of the Senate, as well as every class governor position. The main goal of its continuing campaign is to transform the SGA in order to fight more effectively for progressive causes on campus and beyond.

YPA’s chief objective is to provide a platform for young people to organize and collectively wield political power in order to fight for a progressive agenda in America. Its founder, Carlos Jesus, campaigned for Bernie Sanders and worked as a field organizer for Tim Canova in 2016. YPA joins the fight in resisting dangerous policies of the Trump Administration. One of its top priorities is to make LIU Brooklyn a sanctuary school in order to help protect immigrant students who fear or are at risk of deportation.

The organization is also fighting to improve the educational experience of students in the LIU system. YPA is offering strong support to the professors and unions who are struggling to secure fair employment contracts. Many current members of YPA were involved in organizing the student protests of the historic lockout of all LIU Brooklyn professors during the school’s contract dispute in September 2016.

“Now more than ever it is imperative that young people attain political power and use it to fight for a progressive society,” said Carlos Jesus, YPA President and recently elected Chair of the Senate. According to SGA President-elect Emily-Anna Barba: “Before, we were a group of dedicated students with a thirst for justice. Now we are the majority and we have the power to see it through.”

YPA is intent on exporting this fresh brand of activism and launch YPA chapters at other college campuses. The organization has formed a chapter at the University of Massachusetts, and has plans to add additional chapters, with student government victories at LIU Brooklyn providing a viable model for political success among other progressive students.

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