YPA empowers America’s youth to make real political change.

YPA empowers progressives


YPA is about young people collectively wielding their political power to implement the progressive agenda.

A youth movement has once again begun in the United States. As our movement grows, a political blueprint will emerge for empowering other groups around the country – not just in colleges, but in local governments as well. And…

We intend for the results to be transformational.

The time for small, incremental change is over. We are offering a bold and unapologetic progressive vision for America. A new era has arrived for young people to achieve and consolidate political power in order to make possible the urgent changes required to secure our future and create a more promising world.

The Trump administration is a danger to all Americans, and its policies present an existential threat to our planet. To be successful against these forces we must take the offensive, creating our own set of policies that give people hope and provide a positive way forward for the majority of Americans.


Young people must take control of their destiny within the American political system.

YPA aims to inspire the nation’s young people to start realizing their political power in where they work and attend school and to ensure resources are available to support them.

Right now these same youth are the unwilling victims of a system that suppresses wages and minimizes social benefits, creating a staggeringly low standard of living for the average American coming of age. Imagine the power we could build if young people started to unionize – in coffee shops, retail stores, restaurants and, yes, inside corporations that keep exploiting this generation for self-serving purposes. Our movement intends to be the revitalization of labor so desperately needed to fight America’s egregious levels of income and wealth inequality.