Young Progressives of America’s Stance on Pressing Issues


Carlos Jesus


Brooklyn, NY: The Young Progressives of America, a political and activist organization of students based at Long Island University Brooklyn, strongly opposes U.S. House Bill 3003 and U.S. House Bill 3004, which concern undocumented people. In the guise of fulfilling his campaign promises, President Trump has signaled his approval for this legislation, which further encroaches upon our freedoms to live in dignity and in safety.

HR 3003 would heavily penalize so-called “sanctuary cities” that provide refuge for undocumented immigrants. HR 3004, also known as Kate’s Law, would crack down on and unjustly persecute undocumented immigrants in the country who have any kind of a criminal record (this could be as small as a traffic ticket, or a fee for littering).

YPA realizes the very real implications of the legislation put forth by lawmakers and opposes both bills. We believe in protecting the safety and humanity of undocumented immigrants. We refuse to paint them with the same broad brush as some Republicans, who label them as criminals or potential criminals. We agree with various points made by the Democrats during the legislative process; many of those leaders insisted that it is morally unjust to penalize undocumented people in this way and that these so-called crackdowns would only serve to erode communities where undocumented immigrants call home. We stand with Democratic lawmakers ​who made it clear that these two bills would create more tension and unease between law enforcement and the communities they serve. YPA vows to stand up for all Americans, including those without proper documentation.

YPA is also calling attention to the proposed House and Senate solutions to the future of affordable healthcare in America. Both the House and the Senate have devised replacement plans for Obamacare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ACA); and both, we believe, are unjust and inhumane. We strongly oppose both versions.

In order to reform healthcare in the United States, we believe the future is a single-payer system in which healthcare is funded by our taxes and is a right of every American. The House’s proposed plan provides lush tax cuts to those in the highest income bracket and, in turn, forces those in the lowest bracket to pay more. The Senate’s plan of action is no better: it scraps support for those with pre-existing conditions and support for parents in need of assistance through Planned Parenthood. YPA will fight fiercely for the right of all Americans to be provided with truly affordable healthcare and will push back against those who would like to see America uninsured and unhealthy.

Regarding the subject of human rights, YPA acknowledges the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on part of the Administration’s ban. However, the organization will never stand in full support of any law that seeks to exclude certain people from our country. “This ban still prevents refugees and those in need from entering the US, and we must realize this ban was ill-intentioned from the start,” stated Carlos Jesus, YPA President. “Laws like these are never in the name of justice and seldom aim to unite us as a country.”

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