From Brooklyn across America.


Young Progressives of America (YPA) was founded as young people began calling for the re-emergence of the progressive youth movement.

Under the mobilization of its growing leadership team, YPA has quickly taken a leadership role in connecting progressively minded youth to a meaningful political movement, organizing a growing constellation of campus groups and politically engaged organizations and individuals around progressive issues.


YPA is a political and activist organization whose aim is for young people to collectively wield their political power in order to implement America’s progressive agenda and facilitate positive change.

YPA recognizes the need for today’s youth to assert its significant political will, and understands the importance of protecting the civil liberties of all – including the marginalized and oppressed – in a manner that promotes a vibrant culture of diversity and inclusion. Empowered by the volume of both its voice and the youth demographic, YPA envisions a progressive society in which everyone has the opportunity to experience genuine economic and social equality as their right as American citizens and as active decision-makers in a shared global community.


  1. Educate young people about progressive politics.
  2. Inform young progressives on how to achieve and exercise political influence.
  3. Develop young progressives into effective leaders.
  4. Involve young people in the labor movement, and strengthen unions in America.
  5. Promote activism and political engagement among youth.
  6. Prepare and direct young progressives toward holding positions of influence in political organizations, government institutions, student governments and organizations, and local communities.
  7. Guide progressive leaders in their use of positions of authority to embed progressive policies.
  8. Direct young progressives to take positions of power inside the Democratic party in order to measurably transform the party into one that actively represents the working class.
  9. Make use of current institutions and systems to implement progressive ideals.
  10. Promote the inherent value of progressivism as a means for shaping future policies and positioning America as the global leader in fulfilling its democratic ideals.